Photo Imaging is enhanced photographic techniques created by my digital "hand painting". Although it originates with computer hardware and software, it is not the result of anything "automatic", and is developed from my original photography.


Through my work and teaching, I demonstrate that art and technology are not antagonistic, but can coexist and should be used to enhance each other in new and exciting ways. In my digital work I blur the borders between photography, painting, and digital illustration to achieve my artistic vision.


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In addition to working as a digital artist and graphic designer, I am also a graphics instructor. I teach InDesign and Illustrator, but most frequently, Photoshop. This behemouth of a program can be totally overwhelming for a beginner. I specialize in teaching new people (mostly adults) Photoshop at Palm Beach State College (in the Corporate and Continuing Ed areas) and also to private students.

One of the cornerstones of my classes is my belief that they must be tailored to the needs and goals of the students. Many adults come to these classes with tremendous variation in their experience and skills; it is my primary job to first ascertain what my students need and to help them attain their goals.

I strive to promote a low pressure and welcoming atmosphere, geared to the needs and goals of adult students. I use discussions, demonstrations, videos, hand outs, and other materials to demystify Photoshop and help students to discover its endless creative possibilities for personal expression.

To learn more about these classes please visit:

You may also contact me directly:

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 561.432.4633


I am a member of the following local artist groups:

Wellington Art Society
Artists of Palm Beach County
Palm Beach Watercolor Society

Kelby One (online learning resource for all things Photoshop)


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